Plant-Based Tuna Sushi Burrito

Finless marinated Plant-Based Tuna rolled in a flour tortilla with sushi rice and fillings. With warm flour tortilla, cover 1/2 with sushi rice. Down the center of the rice lay the sunflower sprouts followed by cucumber, avocado slices, wakame and marinated plant-based tuna. Top with sesame seeds and roll like a burrito. Cut in half to serve.

Plant-Based Tuna Poke

Marinated Finless Plant-Based Tuna with charred chili aioli in a classic poke bowl build. Combine quinoa, kale and edamame in a bowl and place in serving bowl, center. Top with marinated plant-based tuna and garnish with wakame, charred chili aïoli, avocado, sesame, nori and finish with poke marinade.

Plant-Based Tuna Flatbread

Marinated Finless Plant-Based Tuna on a Flatbread build. Warm the naan or flatbread and toss all ingredients together in a bowl and distribute evenly across the flatbread.